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Emergency Response

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Dear welcome to the Course Emergency Response

mensen Audience

The contents of this course is setup for everyone who is occupied in the hospitality business or has a role as Emergency Response Team member

In  the Hospitality business, the guests expect you to take care of them in someway. In emergency situations this will be the same.

doel Course Objectives

  • In the Fire and Evacuation part of this course you will learn about the roles and activities of an Emergency response team.
  • You will learn about evacuation processes of buildings.
  • How to alert and what to comunicate.
  • Riscs and dangers of fire and extinguishing of fires.
  • In the First Aid part you will learn the basics about Resuscitation, and usage of an AED.
  • You will also learn the livesaving grips and actions that any First Aid helper should know.
  • Finally you will get information what to do in case of any injuries that requires an immediate action.

tijd Expected time to study

Studying the material, watching the videos and answering the questions will take about 3 hours.

You can do the course at the time and in the pace that suits you. You can always stop and resume with the study at a later time. The system will remember what you have done already.

bewijs van deelname Certificate

When you have finished the module completely you can download your personal certificate.


If you upload your photo on this portal it will automatically appear in your certificate. You can do that by clicking here Then select the file with your profile picture (after putting it on your PC or course)