Fire protection for hospitality and security

Fire Protection for Hospitality and Security

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Dear welcome to the course.


If you also have access to the course Emergency Response do that one first before starting with this course.


This course is specially made for The English speaking people that are working, or are going to work for The Hospitality Company.

The contents of this course is setup for everyone who is occupied in the safety and security business or has a role as Emergency Response Team member.

Many Building used in the Hospitality business and catering Industry are equiped with various Fire protection systems.

It is important to know what kind of instalations are available in your working enviromnent. But in order to know what to do in case of a fire emergency, you need to understand the basics of these systems.

Course Objectives

  • Learn basics about Fire protection and alarm systems
  • Learn about the actions you need to take in case of fire emergency
  • Learn how to find out what kind of  extinguishing- and alarm systems are installed in “your” building
  • Learn the basics of operating a Fire Alarm system.
  • Learn how to create or check an emergency protocol for your organization.

Expected time to study

Studying the material, watching the videos and answering the questions will take about 3 hours.

Next to that you will have to do a few assignments whcich will take another hour of work to finish.

You can do the course at the time and in the pace that suits you. You can always stop and resume with the study at a later time. The system will remember what you have done already.


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How does it work?

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