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Even while  the use of the portal is not so complicated, it could save you time to read at least the beginning of this help menu to see how the system works.

The first part covers the most essential use. Het eerste deel gaat over het meest essentiële gebruik. The other parts describes more detailed functions.

Courses Modules, Chapters and Paragraphs

The WebClass4U e-learning portal has various courses. An course can have several modules. Every Course Module can contain multiple chapters and within a chapter you can have none or multiple paragraphs.  


To follow the course you have to open (and study) the pages (Chapters,and Paragraphs) of the module.

Click on “mark complete” (“afgerond”)

When you start wioth the first chapter you will see “mark complete” (“afgerond”) on the bottom of the page. You have to click onthat button to go further. By doing that you lket the system know that you have done that part. You can stop at any moment you like.

Resume later

Looking at the module progress will also help you to find where you stopped if you want to resume on a later moment.

My modules

If you click on “my modules” you will see the modules that are assigned to you. You can see the content of the module and you can download your certificate (if that is part of the module) untill the expiration date. There you can also see the progress of your efforts on the module and for important quizes you can also see the scores of the quiz and even the answers you have given in the quizes.


Most of the video’s with dutch audio are subtitled in English. The subtitles can be switched on and of via the CC button right under on the screen.


Fellow students

On the right side of the course module you will see your fellow students that are following the same module. (even with their picture if they have uploaded that in their profile.


If you click on a person (like a fellow student ) that person’s page will be opened. You can write something on the person’s timeline. This is public so anyone can read that. You can also choose to send a private message by clicking on the “private message” button.

My profile, e-mail, and password:

If you click on “my Profile” on the right top menu (after logging in)  you will see your profile information. You can edit all your information and even define who has the rights to view it.  If you click “Change Profile Photo”  you can also upload your own photo. (Don’t upload it at “PHOTOS”. That is meant to put photos on your timeline.)  

If you click on e-mail settings you can change when you will receive e-maiuls from the site. You can also change your password here.


In a chapter or paragraph you can be confronted with a quiz. A quiz can have different types of questions, (like multiple choice, sorting or single choice etc.)

Some quizes have a time limit, and some quizes can be done without a minimal score, but some you have to pass with a minimum score in order to proceed with the module. In Most cases you can redo a quiz multiple times. After the quiz you will see the result immediately.

You can do a Practise Quiz! All question types will be shown here.


In some coursemodules you can encounter on eor more assignments. An assignment has to be aproved by the system / teacher before you can proceed. An assignment is always a request to upload a file. 


At some places (often at the end of a module or quiz, you can write comments. This can be used to give advise, or just tell what you think of the material. These messages can be read by others. Please be advised to conform to our  “Nettiquette” policy.


After you passed a module there could be a certificate available. This will be anounced at the start of the module. The certificate is downloadable in PDF format. If you go the the “my modules” page you will see the certificates that you have achieved. At some certificates your photo will be shown. But the photo will onnly appear in your certificate if you upload your Profile Photo. You can do that via “my profile” Change Profile Photo